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A Poem of Introduction

Hello, and welcome to my blog! My name is Golriz Golkar, and I am a passionate reader and writer of children's books. I've been writing poetry and stories since the age of six, but I had to become an adult before really starting to write like a kid again! When I became an elementary school teacher, I found that my students loved reading and writing poetry, and I often wrote poems with them in my after-school poetry class. You may be wondering just how to pronounce my name, so please allow me to introduce myself the best way I know how: with a poem! A Poem of Introduction My name is Golriz, Golriz G. That’s G-O-L and R-I-Z That’s “gol” like in a soccer game Or what someone achieves Don’t even try To pronounce the “I” The “riz” just rhymes with “please.” And then there’s “Golkar” My last name Yes, it sounds almost the same I’ve always felt rather elated To see my name alliterated For as unusual as my name might be It sounds a bit like poetry!